1. What do I co-wash my hair with? What do I put on my hair after I dye it? Co-wash your hair using ONLY Tresseme Conditioner Mositure Rich . Shampoo is not needed, it will dry your bundles.

2. Can I color my hair? Our hair is 100% unprocessed virgin hair. You can color and dye the hair, but once Virgin hair is dyed it is not Virgin hair anymore. Keep hair conditioned and moisturize.

3. Do we carry bundle deals ? Yes. 

4. How long does virgin the hair last ? 1-2 years 

5. How many bundles do I need for a full look ? Lengths under 18' you will only need 2 bundles. 18' and up,  you will need would 3-4 bundles. A Frontal sew-in you can use 2 bundles for lengths under 18'  but we still recommend 3 for a full look.

6. How long will it take my hair to come in? We do not carry our hair on hand. Bundles/frontals will take 3/4 days to process and 3-5 days to ship. Frontal/Closure wigs take 3-7 days to process and 2-3 days to ship. Wigs have to be customized. 

7. What is Raw Hair? Raw hair is 100% collected from one donor. It is the most authentic hair on the market. It has never been chemically processed.

Hopefully this answered your questions ! If you have any other questions that were not listed please email hairfantasybymia@gmail.com. Please list your name, order number and your question and we will get back with within 28/48 hours. Thanks for shopping ladies .